Shuttle Bus Capability

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Vehicle Reman Announces Shuttle Bus Capability

Light-duty and medium-duty bus ‘remans’ now available on the heels of truck and van success

August 17, 2017

How to save $35-45,000 on a small bus purchase? Remanufacture an existing worn out or broken one. That’s what the East Texas Council of Governments has done. After coordinating with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), the East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) awarded a contract to evaluate vehicle remanufacturing to supplement their fleet acquisition and management program. In June 2017, ETCOG awarded Vehicle Reman (@vehiclereman) a contract to remanufacture its paratransit buses. Two of those buses are now running alongside new-purchase buses in the fourteen (14) county area served by ETCOG.

ETCOG’s Transportation Director, Jim Camp, commented on the program, “Thanks to Vehicle Reman, two of our old buses with blown motors now look and drive like new. We saved over 50% and every bus came with a nationwide, powertrain warranty.”

New replacement buses cost $70-90,000. ETCOG has returned two buses to service for less than the price of one replacement bus. The remanufactured buses carry the same 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty TXDOT requires of new buses. The reman process involves a detailed inspection and assessment followed by separating the body and chassis; once separated, the body and chassis are simultaneously processed in a production line environment. After removing old parts and replacing them with new parts, the body and chassis are re-mated. Then, drive cycles and quality checks are completed prior to returning the bus to service.

More information and a link to the mobile app to expedite the process is available at

About Vehicle Reman

Vehicle Reman is the pioneer of enterprise-level, remanufacturing Class 1 through Class 5 commercial vehicles that save customers up to 50% of replacement costs with equally impressive savings for the environment. Founded in 2005 to provide remanufacturing services to the U.S. Army, Vehicle Reman operates from a 60,000-square foot facility to provide body-off reman services for all powertrain, suspension, interior, and exterior work – in one place, at one time.

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