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One thing that has become clear is that we need help getting the word out about remanufacturing and reconditioning vehicles. Hopefully, you’ll find a topic here that interests you; if so, help us to spread the word about alternative vehicle opportunities via reconditioning and remanufacturing.

There are several options to extend the life of vehicles – all of which can save money and the environment. There are a great many topics involved. So, in this space, we hope to become part of the community speaking to fleet officers, managers, and operators to explore the riches that await those that would mine them. Vehicle initial quality is as high as it has ever been; in this context, extending the life of the fleet has never been more valuable – or made more sense.

Some topics of interest are quality, longevity, engineer-to-order reconditioning / remanufacturing, end-of-life management, design for manufacture considerations, cost savings, value engineering, environmental impacts of remanufacturing, financing considerations, insurance considerations, warranty programs, investor opportunities for asset-backed financing, corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility, failure mode tracking, value mining, remarketing, repair and maintenance. We’ll add to the list as we remember them or as they come to us; but, this is a good list from which to start.

Let us know about topics that interest you and any ways that we can add value to your automotive operations. We eagerly seek Value Champions and continuously align our offerings to maximize value to our clients.