Overview of Options

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Vehicle Reman is committed to understanding and addressing the unique needs of your fleet while focusing on quality and value. To that end, we offer four different levels of service. By understanding our service levels and the specific solutions we offer, you can choose any or all that best serve your specific vehicle or your entire fleet.

Four-Service Selection

Vehicle Reman divides its services into four tiers:

  • Good- The simplest tier of service, this follows the principle of Inspect & Repair Only As Necessary, or IROAN. It begins by conducting non-destructive tests on your vehicle while assessing the service lifetimes of its essential components. This lets us determine which parts need to be repaired, replaced, or rebuilt.
  • Better- Though similar to the Good level, this service goes a step further by replacing or repairing a wider range of components. It also involves using aftermarket parts.
  • Best- At this level, we assess your unique needs, organizing them into a mission profile that guides all of our inspection, repair, and replacement work.
  • Custom- Also known as “Engineered to Order” or “ETO,” this service level gives you complete control over what we include in the remanufacturing process. You can collaborate with our team to analyze aging and failure information, assess the vehicle’s mission, and weigh different after-use possibilities.

This selection flexibility empowers you to choose the remanufacturing strategy that most closely matches your budget and fleet needs. We want to maximize value for all your vehicles.

Vehicle-Specific Services

The services you need depend on what specific vehicles you have, so Vehicle Remain tailors our work accordingly. We offer remanufacturing for vehicles commonly found in fleets:

  • Light & Medium-duty trucks
  • Light & Medium-duty Buses
  • Cargo & Passenger Vans
  • Sedans
  • Crossovers & SUVs

Vehicle Reman’s services include removing/replacing/repairing the powertrain, suspension, cooling system, air conditioning system, even tires and brakes when needed.  Our full-service paint and body line restores old and even rusted body finishes. We offer an array of upfit services, including advertising wraps, truck bed replacement and custom lighting.  Vehicle Reman focuses on Ford, General Motors and Dodge/Chrysler vehicles as old as the mid-1990s. To learn more about our services and the benefits of remanufacturing, contact us today.