We specialize in remanufacturing fleet vehicles to help companies save money, time, and reduce environmental impact without relying on electric vehicles. Combining the expertise of remanufacturers and auto repair professionals, we provide a comprehensive solution to fleet management challenges.


Vehicle Reman began its journey in Arkansas, where we successfully saved the Red River Army Depot over $11 million. Our company was born out of a desire to address the common problems associated with owning fleets—high unit costs, long wait times, and the need to impact the environment positively. Today, we proudly serve notable customers such as FedEx, the University of Texas System, and the US Army.

Our mission is to provide ethical and excellent service to our customers, guided by the core value of "love your neighbor as yourself."

We customize every reman to fit the specific needs and budgets of our clients, ensuring tailored solutions for every fleet.


By remanufacturing fleet vehicles, we significantly cut down on the costs associated with purchasing new units by an average of 50%.

Our streamlined processes ensure quicker turnaround times, getting your fleet back on the road faster.

Remanufacturing vehicles reduces waste and conserves resources, offering a sustainable alternative without relying on electric vehicles.



Vehicle Reman is powered by a dedicated team of experts passionate about fleet vehicle remanufacturing. Greig Latham, founder of Vehicle Reman, brings extensive experience in remanufacturing. Mark Carr, founder of Christian Brothers Automotive, helps us to control our growth, stay focused on what is most important and helps us avoid pitfalls he’s already fallen in.

Our team’s diverse skills in finance, strategy, and project management complement each other perfectly. Charlie McClurg’s background in consulting and healthcare strategy, Neal Dickson’s expertise in financial management and compliance, and Brent Thomas’s leadership and project management skills all contribute to our shared goal. Together, we ensure that Vehicle Reman delivers high-quality, cost-effective remanufactured fleet vehicles, keeping our customers satisfied and promoting sustainable practices.


Since our inception, Vehicle Reman has made a substantial impact, saving our clients over $11 million and demonstrating the value of remanufacturing. Our success with the Red River Army Depot is just one example of the significant savings and benefits we deliver.


We aim to provide franchise opportunities to those who would normally not be able to afford one. By growing a reliable and reputable business, we support the growth and success of aspiring entrepreneurs through avenues such as vocational training. The success of our business supports missions such as The Hub Garage, an organization that helps single moms.


Ready to learn more about how Vehicle Reman can transform your fleet? Feel free to reach out to Jonathan directly at jonathan@vehiclereman.com. We look forward to helping your business save money, reduce downtime, and make a positive environmental impact.


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Greig Latham

Founder of Vehicle Reman and Principal Engineer of Keeva, LC

Keeva is a company he has led with dedication and expertise for over 28 years. Based in Tyler, Texas, Greig brings a wealth of experience in electrical engineering, project planning, and automation processes. He is a proud alumnus of Texas A&M University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and was an active member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets.

Greig’s professional journey includes founding Vehicle Reman, where he applied his engineering skills to advance the economic and environmental benefits of vehicle remanufacturing. His publication on the subject, “Vehicle Remanufacturing: Economic and Environmental Expansion of the Life Cycle,” highlights his commitment to sustainable engineering practices.

At Keeva, LC, Greig focuses on automation audits to boost profits and streamline processes. His deep understanding of both qualitative and quantitative results has enabled him to effectively guide businesses in optimizing their operations.

With a passion for innovation and a strategic mindset, Greig continues to make significant contributions to the field of engineering and automation. He maintains close professional connections and values the collaborative spirit that drives progress in the industry.

Greig enjoys connecting with others in his field and sharing insights from his extensive career. Feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Jonathan Carr

President of Vehicle Reman

Jonathan Carr is the President of Vehicle Reman, a premier fleet vehicle remanufacturing company based in Jarrell, Texas. Jonathan has driven the company’s growth by transforming old fleet vehicles into like-new condition, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to buying new.

Influenced by the teachings of C.S. Lewis, particularly on prayer, Jonathan integrates his faith into his leadership style, fostering a company culture of integrity and respect. His strategic vision and commitment to customer satisfaction have established Vehicle Reman as a trusted name in the industry.

Jonathan is also a proud “girl dad,” balancing his professional and personal life with dedication and love for his daughters. He coaches one of their soccer teams, which is the best part of his week. Connected to a network of industry leaders, including Brent Thomas, Jonathan leverages these relationships to enhance his leadership and innovation.

Outside of work, he enjoys reflecting on his faith and C.S. Lewis’s wisdom, balancing his personal and professional life with inspiration and purpose.

Mark Carr

Founder of Christian Brothers Automotive Corp

Mark Carr is the visionary founder of Christian Brothers Automotive, a company with nearly 300 locations that stands out not only for its excellent automotive services but also for its strong foundation in Christian faith.

This outlook has lead CBA to win the JD Power Award for Best Customer Service the past 4 years. Since its inception, Mark has been dedicated to creating a business that operates with integrity, honesty, and a commitment to serving others, reflecting his deep faith and values.

Under Mark’s leadership, Christian Brothers Automotive has grown into a nationally recognized brand known for its trustworthy service and customer care.. His approach to business is deeply rooted in Christian principles, ensuring that every customer interaction is guided by respect and compassion.

Mark’s dedication to his faith and his business has created a unique company culture that prioritizes both exceptional automotive care and the spiritual well-being of its employees and customers. His legacy continues to inspire and guide the company, making Christian Brothers Automotive a beacon of faith-driven entrepreneurship.

Brent Thomas

Owner of Box T Construction

Brent Thomas is a Partner at Vehicle Reman, based in Austin, TX, where he plays a key role in transforming old fleet vehicles into like-new condition. He joined the company three years after Jonathan Carr and has been pivotal in its growth. Brent’s background in project and construction management, combined with his leadership skills, has greatly contributed to Vehicle Reman’s success.

Before Vehicle Reman, Brent owned Box-T Construction, where he gained extensive experience in construction and business management. He lives on a farm with his wife and three kids, enjoying rural life while raising animals.

Brent’s dedication to improving fleet efficiency and his commitment to sustainable practices make him a respected leader in the industry. He welcomes connections with those who share his interests in fleet management and sustainability.

Charlie McClurg

Vice President of Strategy at Remote Care Partners

He brings over 15 years of experience in consulting, project planning, and relationship management. A graduate of Texas Christian University, Charlie has built a reputation for his analytical thinking, diplomatic approach, and ability to deliver tangible results in diverse business environments.

Charlie’s career spans roles at leading companies like Commure, Salesforce, and Accenture. At Commure, he designed strategic frameworks to drive health assurance systems, while at Salesforce, he set global strategies for Health & Life Sciences solutions. His tenure at Accenture saw him leading teams to identify cost savings and expedite value realization across national payer engagements.

In his current role, Charlie leverages his expertise to enhance Remote Care Partners’ strategic initiatives, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Known for his excellent communication skills, he effectively conveys complex ideas to a wide range of audiences, from end users to C-level executives.

Outside of his professional achievements, Charlie values his connections and enjoys engaging with his extensive network of over 1,000 followers on LinkedIn. His commitment to both professional excellence and personal growth makes him a respected leader and a valuable asset to any team.

Neal Dickson

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer at The Energy & Minerals Group

With a decade of experience at the company, Neal has played a pivotal role in shaping its financial strategies and ensuring regulatory compliance. He stepped into the CFO role in March 2023 after serving as Controller for nearly nine years and Chief Compliance Officer since June 2018.

Neal’s career began at KPMG, where he worked as an Audit Manager specializing in real estate. He then transitioned to Granite Properties as an Assistant Controller, gaining valuable insights into financial management and operations. His broad experience in auditing, compliance, and financial management has equipped him with the skills necessary to lead and innovate in the energy and minerals sector.

A graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Neal combines his academic background with practical experience to drive financial excellence. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment to integrity.